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Decorate, Illustrate, Illuminate

In 8th Grade History, we are just about to begin filming the Post World War II Documentaries. We paused for a class period to talk about music. I remember attending a professional development conference where the presenter talked about the … Continue reading

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Need Feed #3 – Solutionaries

I’m bringing back my old “Need Feed” category where I explained why we need information literacy in our schools.  A colleague of mine posted this TED Talk by Zoe Weil: The talk is amazing and worth the time to … Continue reading

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A “Glorious Disaster”

So, in (7th Grade) Media Literacy last time, we tried a “backchannel” experiment. The theme for the day was “What is beauty?” – we normally look at pictures of photoshopped models and products, talk about who defines what beauty is … Continue reading

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Using Flickr for Media Literacy Class

In my Media Literacy class, we’re tracing Apple’s advertising campaigns against PCs throughout time. I usually show this video: And then follow it up with another, more current one, like this: We talk about how the relationship between the two … Continue reading

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