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Just Like Frying an Egg

So this morning I woke up and decided to learn something that I didn’t know how to do: fry an egg.  I love eating fried eggs, so it was motivating for me to learn how to do so myself.  On … Continue reading

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Protest Music – Online Interviews

This is a post to show the teachers working on the Protest Music project how we might get parents, students and other interested parties to give responses to the songs selected by the students. The students would select the song, … Continue reading

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Secrets Lurking in the Bibliography

Let’s get one thing straight: I am not the Bibliography Queen. I do not derive pleasure from looking at a list of 34 sources, scrutinizing them for the finer points of alphabetization (numbers before letters, and don’t forget to skip … Continue reading

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Decorate, Illustrate, Illuminate

In 8th Grade History, we are just about to begin filming the Post World War II Documentaries. We paused for a class period to talk about music. I remember attending a professional development conference where the presenter talked about the … Continue reading

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Students With a Burning Desire to Know?

Connected Learning – Learning is everywhere (not just in the classroom, not just in the library) – provide the right motivation and the students will go out and seek answers. Evaluate those answers when they return – discuss. Point them … Continue reading

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History’s Mystery – Little Rock 9

We’re in the middle of a mystery here in 8th grade – the Little Rock 9 documentary film group has just uncovered a source that states there were initially ten students who were supposed to attend Central High School on … Continue reading

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Need Feed #3 – Solutionaries

I’m bringing back my old “Need Feed” category where I explained why we need information literacy in our schools.  A colleague of mine posted this TED Talk by Zoe Weil: The talk is amazing and worth the time to … Continue reading

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