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Students With a Burning Desire to Know?

Connected Learning – Learning is everywhere (not just in the classroom, not just in the library) – provide the right motivation and the students will go out and seek answers. Evaluate those answers when they return – discuss. Point them … Continue reading

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Kickstarter and Solutionaries

If you haven’t seen Kickstarter, it’s a great example of the kind of “Solutionaries” that Zoe Weil talked about in her TED talk.  It’s also a great example  of how collaborative media is making things possible that used to be done through large grantors and big business.  It’s … Continue reading

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History’s Mystery – Little Rock 9

We’re in the middle of a mystery here in 8th grade – the Little Rock 9 documentary film group has just uncovered a source that states there were initially ten students who were supposed to attend Central High School on … Continue reading

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