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Protest Music – Online Interviews

This is a post to show the teachers working on the Protest Music project how we might get parents, students and other interested parties to give responses to the songs selected by the students. The students would select the song, … Continue reading

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ChicagoQuest – Game Design for Teaching & Learning

Saw this link about ChicagoQuest at Buffy Hamilton’s Unquiet Commonplace Book: Where Gaming Rules … Things I like about ChicagoQuest’s curriculum: 1.  No grades – students are given feedback on their level on a range from “novice” to “master of … Continue reading

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Role-Play Gaming and Our Learning Paradigm

This weekend I did some role-play gaming with friends and decided to step back a little and study how the process of gaming provides opportunities to acquire Knowledge(content), Skills and practice Habits of Mind. Note: GM stands for “Game Master” – the … Continue reading

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A “Glorious Disaster”

So, in (7th Grade) Media Literacy last time, we tried a “backchannel” experiment. The theme for the day was “What is beauty?” – we normally look at pictures of photoshopped models and products, talk about who defines what beauty is … Continue reading

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Multiple Intelligences

The last 2 SpeechCraft classes have both been about Multiple Intelligences.  We use the Birmingham Grid website online assessment, which is designed for middle school and up. First, we take the online quiz.  It tells us our preferences for Interpersonal, … Continue reading

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Using Flickr for Media Literacy Class

In my Media Literacy class, we’re tracing Apple’s advertising campaigns against PCs throughout time. I usually show this video: And then follow it up with another, more current one, like this: We talk about how the relationship between the two … Continue reading

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