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I Want to Ditch Study Hall

I am on a mission to ditch study hall. I was lamenting about how monitoring 12 study halls per week is making me feel – well, not myself.  Last year, I brought it to the faculty and administration (and received … Continue reading

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Musings on Leadership, Trust and PLP

So, our PLP Group gave a presentation at our Culminating Event today, and one of our members, Micheline McManus, gave us the theme – improv. Yes, our presentation was going to be an improv – we were going to go … Continue reading

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Kickstarter and Solutionaries

If you haven’t seen Kickstarter, it’s a great example of the kind of “Solutionaries” that Zoe Weil talked about in her TED talk.  It’s also a great example  of how collaborative media is making things possible that used to be done through large grantors and big business.  It’s … Continue reading

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Grammar Games – Or – How I Ended Up with Verbs in my Hair

Dianna Newton, our 6th Grade English teacher, is teaching a unit on Grammar by having the students create grammar games.  Her explanation says it all: “If you think of mind-numbing handouts or workbooks when you hear the word grammar, think again! … Continue reading

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Scary Story Contest Winners!

So proud of our Scary Story Contest writers! Check them out on: They would love some comments!

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Reflections from ASCD

Jing of a short sharing presentation I gave at my school, after attending ASCD 2011:

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Creativity with Bronson & Merryman

Ashley Merryman came to our school this week to speak to students, faculty and parents about her work with Po Bronson.  I haven’t read their book, NurtureShock, yet but I likely will.   Here’s an interesting article by both of them … Continue reading

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