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Secrets Lurking in the Bibliography

Let’s get one thing straight: I am not the Bibliography Queen. I do not derive pleasure from looking at a list of 34 sources, scrutinizing them for the finer points of alphabetization (numbers before letters, and don’t forget to skip … Continue reading

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Hurricanes @ Your Library

Right before the Natural Disasters unit each year (7th Grade), I go through a discussion of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary sources. Right before the 8th Grade History Documentary project, I try to recall that lesson, and it goes something like … Continue reading

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Just found out about this source from a post in Buffy Hamilton’s blog. NewsTrust “We started NewsTrust to address growing problems of information overload, misinformation and mistrust on the Internet, caused by the rise of opinion news and amateur journalism, … Continue reading

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Bibliography Anxiety

I am most definitely in the bibliography doldrums today. I have a class full of 8th graders who are so intent on their requirements for a bibliography, that they are losing track of the research itself. How to motivate them … Continue reading

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