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Secrets Lurking in the Bibliography

Let’s get one thing straight: I am not the Bibliography Queen. I do not derive pleasure from looking at a list of 34 sources, scrutinizing them for the finer points of alphabetization (numbers before letters, and don’t forget to skip … Continue reading

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Great Composers – Presentations – Day 1

The first five composers conducted (tee hee!) their living history reenactment presentations in the library today.  Pictured above, from left to right: Guillaume de Machaut, Luigi Boccherini, Queen Christina of Sweden (talking about Archangelo Corelli), Carlos Chavez, and Aaron Copland. … Continue reading

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Remember the ALAMO

I’m trying out a new homework policy with our 6th graders in our collaboratively-taught class on Composers (General Music). The students have “listening logs” they do, where they listen to a piece of music about their composer, fill out some … Continue reading

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Grammar Games – Or – How I Ended Up with Verbs in my Hair

Dianna Newton, our 6th Grade English teacher, is teaching a unit on Grammar by having the students create grammar games.  Her explanation says it all: “If you think of mind-numbing handouts or workbooks when you hear the word grammar, think again! … Continue reading

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A “Glorious Disaster”

So, in (7th Grade) Media Literacy last time, we tried a “backchannel” experiment. The theme for the day was “What is beauty?” – we normally look at pictures of photoshopped models and products, talk about who defines what beauty is … Continue reading

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Empowerment and Choice

I was reading a blog post by Chris Lehmann about Engagement v. Empowerment.  In it, he ponders a question many educators feel deeply: how to teach students what they need to know, while also getting them to want to learn.  … Continue reading

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Bibliography Anxiety

I am most definitely in the bibliography doldrums today. I have a class full of 8th graders who are so intent on their requirements for a bibliography, that they are losing track of the research itself. How to motivate them … Continue reading

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