Multiple Intelligences

The last 2 SpeechCraft classes have both been about Multiple Intelligences.  We use the Birmingham Grid website online assessment, which is designed for middle school and up.


First, we take the online quiz.  It tells us our preferences for Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Kinesthetic, Logical, Musical, Naturalistic, Verbal, and Visual learning.  Then, we take all of the codes and look at how our class is as a whole, then just the girls, and then, just the boys.  Good discussion on data gathering and interpretation!

We then talk about “self-help” tests.  That they are only helpful if they really “help” us learn something about ourselves.  We are allowed to disagree with the results.  Some students do so with great outrage at first!  Then, as we learn more about perceptions and misconceptions of what these intelligences are (particularly Interpersonal and Intrapersonal, which are sometimes seen as adversarial for some reason), we adjust our results into a ranking we can live with.

Then, off to   We write in our ranked intelligences, along with words to describe ourselves and our hobbies.  We’ve gotten to know each other and ourselves a little better.

Our next unit is “Academic Honesty and Personal Integrity.”  We will use what we’ve learned in Multiple Intelligences to decide how we want to present what we’ll learn in the new unit.  Stay tuned!


About Paula Montrie

I am a Middle School Librarian at Friends School of Baltimore. I have been a librarian for 11 years, serving 6 years with the Howard County Public School System before arriving at my current school. I teach two classes: SpeechCraft (a combination of information literacy, public speaking and theater), and Media Literacy at the middle school level. I also collaboratively co-teach with a number of teachers at the school, including Music, Geography, and U.S. History. I love it! My professional interests are: information literacy, multiple intelligences and learning styles, teaching through movement, curriculum-writing, technology integration, and bridging the gap between digital natives and digital immigrants. My personal interests are: dancing, singing, knitting, sewing, art, living history, writing and of course - reading!
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2 Responses to Multiple Intelligences

  1. ktenkely says:

    What a great way to help kids understand more about themselves as learners and also learn more about their classmates! Do you find that it helps them to work together more successfully throughout the year?

  2. I hope that it does! They use it immediately in the next unit “Academic Honesty” where they get to decide how they will present what they’ve learned. I give them ideas connected to each intelligence, and they come up with the “assessment.”

    It is also interesting to see how the class as a whole tests. For example, this year’s sixth grade prefers “linguistic” the least as a strategy, so that tells me that I need to mix it up a bit when it comes to written sources and include some audio visual sources as well.

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