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I’m working my way through Helene Blowers’ “23 Things” website, with a thought to how I might implement this for our folks at school who might be interested in exploring the Web 2.0 environment a little more.  Part of their “Lifelong Learners” tutorial is a list called “7 1/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners.” Participants are asked to identify which are personally the easiest and the hardest.  Here goes:

Easiest Habit:  Play!

I love to play.  I learn best through play, and I try to see each situation as an opportunity to enjoy what I’m doing.  Even daunting tasks I’ve tried to make more interesting by finding the element of play within them.  For example, I dislike my 2-hours of daily driving to and from work, but I love listening to books on tape and podcasts in my car.  Play as a way to learn takes the pressure off – it’s not a big deal, I’m just playing around! 

Hardest Habit:  Have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner

I see this in all types of learners, and especially in myself.  When I’m at the beginning of something, the work it takes to move forward seems daunting and that perhaps I’m not up to the task.  I am constantly reminding students that they are learning, that they did not “leap from the womb” understanding all of the concepts and skills they are learning.  I need to have that kind of patience in myself.  Sometimes, I feel it is an artificial sense of time that creates this difficulty.  We feel that we only have a limited amount of time to become experts in all aspects of life.  We compare ourselves to masters before we’re even out of the starting gate.  If we have confidence in ourselves as competent learners, then we give ourselves the time to engage in the process.  Now, I need to apply all that to my own learning!

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About Paula Montrie

I am a Middle School Librarian at Friends School of Baltimore. I have been a librarian for 11 years, serving 6 years with the Howard County Public School System before arriving at my current school. I teach two classes: SpeechCraft (a combination of information literacy, public speaking and theater), and Media Literacy at the middle school level. I also collaboratively co-teach with a number of teachers at the school, including Music, Geography, and U.S. History. I love it! My professional interests are: information literacy, multiple intelligences and learning styles, teaching through movement, curriculum-writing, technology integration, and bridging the gap between digital natives and digital immigrants. My personal interests are: dancing, singing, knitting, sewing, art, living history, writing and of course - reading!
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  1. Paula, I would name the same easiest and hardest habits. I love to play, I wish that we didn’t squelch play so much in the school system. It seems that with each year of education, the amount of play decreases. I am looking for ways to help my students play more in their learning. It is so important for us to reflect on our own learning and habits so that we understand what we are modeling for students.

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